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Criticism and the Anxious Mind

These are my own experiences.  I am not a medical professional.   We all experience criticism at some point.  Sometimes it is meant to be mean, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes as a means to improvement from a well-meaning friend or colleague.  Many people are able to take that criticism and use it as a healthy way… Continue reading Criticism and the Anxious Mind

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Final Tummy Tuck Notes

So to wrap up this series, I’m going to give some last minute advice/things to know.  These are mostly things I wish I’d known.  Again, please note that this is my experience.  Everyone is different and heals differently.  Also, I am not a medical professional.  If you are considering this procedure, please discuss everything with… Continue reading Final Tummy Tuck Notes

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Tummy Tuck 102: Surgery and the First 24 Hours

I’m not going to get too much into the surgery itself, because quite honestly I don’t really know what it consists of.  I didn’t want to know.  I knew it would be super invasive and gross, and that was enough for me.  I’ve had four babies and never actually seen a birth.  I’ve obviously been a participant… Continue reading Tummy Tuck 102: Surgery and the First 24 Hours